Umananda- The smallest river island in the world.


And here begins the voyage ……..

Located right in the heart of Brahmaputra, one of Asia’s major rivers, Umananda is a blissful sailaway from the hustle bustle of the city. It is a tranquil natural wonder of Guwahati, the former capital of the Indian state of Assam.I was one of its proud visitors this year. The relaxing boat ride on the Brahmaputra, the embrace of the  gentle, uncomplaining winds and the serenade of the boatman were some joys that I often crave for in the modern man- made islands of Dubai, my current base. Hence, I chose to respond to these longings this summer.





There are many legends associated with this river island and it is considered a holy place with the Shiva temple perched on top. Umananda derives its name from Uma, another name for the Hindu goddess Parvati, the wife of  Lord Shiva and Ananda which means happiness. Folkore has it that Shiva spent some beautiful moments with his wife here.It is also believed that the British colonists called it the Peacock Island because of its structure. Umananda abounds in lush greenery and if anyone is looking out for wildlife then the endangered Langurs will surely be a sight to watch!

Flight of steps leading to the Shiva Temple at Umananda




This small island resting in the middle of the massive Brahmaputra is yet another offbeat travel destination in my home country. Away from the maddening crowd Umananda is surely the place for anyone in search of solace.

6 thoughts on “Umananda- The smallest river island in the world.

  1. Very well written Shanili..combined with the lovely photographs, it surely manages to create a urge within to visit this interesting place and explore it.


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