The Living Root Bridge of Mawlynnong


Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced –— John Keats—

Cherrapunji located in the North Eastern state of India, Meghalaya is often credited to be the wettest place on earth. It is perhaps the only place in India which experiences only one season, the monsoon. Its dense tropical forests, foaming rivers, waterfalls, splendid hills and valleys and the living rootbridges are a treat to the eyes and soul.



This year I was fortunate to have trodden this rootbridge in Cherrapunji. It is located in Mawlynnong which is  claimed to be the cleanest village in Asia. Made from the roots of ancient rubber trees by the Khasi tribe this manmade natural wonder will only arouse one’s curiosity and admiration. Meghalaya is home to twelve such living rootbridges which offer a sturdy alternative to wooden bridges which decay over time and heavy rains. Some of them happen to be more than a century old. The tangled roots forming huge suspensions over raging rivers simply transported me to a world between fantasy and realism!


7 thoughts on “The Living Root Bridge of Mawlynnong

  1. Your writing without a spec of doubt is superlative but this time around I also loved the pictures..which I thought told the entire story..keep up the good work..!!

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